Dog supplies – what you need for your pup

''Dog owner

For anyone who is owning a dog for the first time, it is important they plan for it. It could be one is adopting a pup from a shelter, they could be getting one from a breeder or a friend could be giving them a dog. Owning a dog means you need to ensure that the pet is comfortable and to meet their needs. One way of making a pup comfortable is by getting dog supplies that will facilitate this. What then does one need for their pup. At Dogs By Nina, one can get insights of what to get. Furthermore, below is a guide for what one would need.

Dog supplies

Dog bowls


Bowls are an important supply to have. The dog needs a place to eat food and drink water. One should have two bowls one for the water and the other for food. The dog should be able to identify the feeding bowls as their own. Bowls are available in different sizes depending on the pup one has. If one has a small pup, buy a small bowl, if it is a big dog, find the appropriate bowl. They also come is varying style, design, material and colors. Buy the bowl that will be best for your dog.

Get a collar, leash and tag

Collars, leashes and tags are essential for ensuring the dog’s security and safety. The collars should be comfortable and not too wide or tight for the neck of the pup. The tag helps to identify the dog. It should have the dogs name, owners phone number and address. This comes in handy in case anything happens to the dog, for instance, it wanders away and gets lost. The leash is used to lead the dog as the owner walks the pup. One should get a leash that is long enough for their dog to be able to walk around.


These accessories help keep their pup busy. Toys keep the dog occupies and gives them an avenue where they are able to expend energy and stimulate them. It is also a way for the pet to bond with their owner. There are a range of toys that one can select from for their dog to play with or chew.

A bed

One needs to get a place for the dog to sleep. It should be cozy and comfortable for the pup. The beds come in different sizes that one can choose from depending on the size of their dog. They are also available in a range of materials.

Grooming accessories

Finally, one needs to get grooming accessories for their pup. This will include brushes, shampoo to wash the dog and nail clippers. Different dogs will require being groomed differently.…