9 Reasons to invest in Bitcoin after retirement


Recently the name bitcoin has been appearing almost everywhere online. People from all walks of life including those considering retirement have shown a significant interest in the digital currency due to its skyrocketing rates. Below are some of the reasons why you should visit coinira.com company and include the cryptocurrency in your retirement.

Instant transactions

You can send and receive any amount of the digital currency instantly from any point. So you don’t have to worry about bank holidays, borders, imposed limits just to mention a few. Bitcoin lets investors have full control of their cash.

bitcoin 2

Increased privacy

With bitcoin trading, you won’t have to worry about privacy because no third parties can access your transaction information. Only you will know the number of bitcoins that are registered on your accord. Even hackers will have a difficult time trying to steal your investment.

Low purchase fees

Bitcoin transactions are processed with negligible or no fees at all. If you have to part with cash for your trade, then it must be prioritized to result in faster confirmation by the network. Bitcoin activity fees are very low since no government or middlemen are involved.

Steady global prices

Another advantage of investing in bitcoin is that its prices are very steady and are not affected by the economy. In December 2017 its prices rose by a record 1700% high. Yes, you heard me right! Experts are predicting that its prices will continue rising. So if you are looking for an investment that will give you profits instead of loses then consider this digital currency.

24/7 service

Unlike with the stock market, bitcoin investment services provide their services around the clock to allow you to increase your investment portfolio any time you wish. You can buy bitcoin even in the middle of the night.

Irreversible transactions

Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Nothing is worse than buying products only to get a message that the action has been reversed or the amount has been charged back. Once you send bitcoin to a particular address, only the owner can have access to them.

No tracking

Unless you grant permission no one can track your transactions. Its only after publicizing the address of your wallet that your transactions can be traceable. Only the owner of the bitcoins is aware of the amount that is available in their wallet. However, you can generate a new wallet address if you don’t want nosy people to track your activities.

Transparency and neutrality

All information about bitcoin businesses is readily available online for anybody to verify as well as use anytime the need arises. No government or organization can take control of or change the bitcoin protocol since its cryptographically secure.


bitcoin 3Bitcoin users fully control all their actions. It’s almost next to impossible for an unwanted or unnoticed fee to be charged during transactions as with other payment options. For extra security, you can complete Bitcoin trades without including your personal information with the transaction. This provides strong protection against issues like identity theft. You can also go a step further and protect your money with back up as well as encryption.…